0xLuckless v2.2

Welcome to 0xLuckless v2.2, a 6K resolution art project, unique and unlike anything else on the blockchain Created with the power of A.I. and advanced editing techniques across multiple platforms to produce the highest quality artwork on Cronos.

0xLuckless v2.2

0xLuckless v2.2


0xLuckless art holders earn exclusive airdrops, Passive CRO earnings via NFT staking with CroDex, Whitelist access to all future drops and secret releases, discounts on 0xLuckless merch and canvas art on EvergreenKings.com and unlock private channel access on the 0xLuckless Discord server which comes with tons of extra benefits including giveaways, custom art, sneak peeks, and helping shape the future of the project!

Mint 3 or more - Get 150 CRO refund via Discord server ticket upon verification

Mint 5 or more - Get a free 0xLuckless ETH NFT of your choice

Mint 10 or more - Get a free custom designed one of one art piece NFT created by 0xLuckless

All NFTs from this collection & prior 0xLuckless collections qualify for a free airdrop exclusive PFP from 0xLuckless

Mint prizes can be claimed in the 0xLuckless Community Discord server. Prizes subject to change based on availability. Prizes distributed once verification of ownership has been completed. One of one custom designed pieces will be released in the next collection drop. Physical prizes can be substituted for CRO if you wish to remain anonymous. ETH nfts are unminted art pieces from the Project Gr4d13nc3 collection on Ethereum. PFPs will be part of Th3 Luckl355, a PFP collection consisting of 355 one of a kind hand crafted pfps that will be released Summer 2023. This description was updated on 7/12/23 (150 CRO refund active from 7/12/23 until project is sold out)

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