Beta Mascots

Beta Mascots is a PFP collection power packed with utilities by The Sports NFT. Their first collection was sold out in 30 seconds !!

Join Beta Mascots and be a founding member in our ecosystem. Beta Mascots are divided in 6 factions and they represent 6 major sports (Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Hockey, Cricket) with estimated fan count of 9+ Billion across the world.

Every faction will have individual rankings and rarity which will be displayed on our website.

Beta Mascots
The Sports NFT

Beta Mascots

Immediate Utility

• Free Mint- 10% of the collection (345 mascots) is raffle tickets. Random Token# are generated and posted in our discord. You will be eligible for 100% refund if you mint those token numbers.

Short-term Utility

• 2% Rare VIP Gold Chain trait- NFT's with VIP Gold Chain trait will become profit sharing partners and will be eligible to receive profit share equal to gold partners from this drop and ahead.

• Top 10 holders will get an air drop of 1/1 legendary.

• 90% of royalties from secondary markets will be used to reward holders with weekly raffles.

Long-term Utility

• Free Ticket- NFT will act as a membership ticket to trade free on our upcoming marketplace.

• Holders will be WL for future drops and Presale of Tokens in next Phase.

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