MAG Brew Vikings

MAG is a project involving illustrative art, beer-crafting, and tales inspired by Norse mythology. All accompanied by friendship and conviviality.

MAG Brew Vikings
MAG Brew

MAG Brew Vikings

Each of the 8000 unique MAG Brew Vikings NFTs is composed of a random selection from 140+ features, hand-drawn by Luigi Zitelli, aka Gigi, a professional illustrator.

Among the collection, you could find the six Magverse gods, legendary characters with custom features related to the lore conceived by our MAG writers.

The team strongly believes in the unique chance to reduce inequalities and empower people through NFT.


We detected a list of charity associations that provides work to the homeless and immigrants.

After a survey between our community, MAG Brew Vikings will donate 50.000 $ to a chosen no-profit brewery organization.


Holding NFTs with certain features (i.e., same mirrored backgrounds) will open the collectors a door to exclusive airdrops consisting of unique Gigi masterpieces. After the sold-out, our fellow artist will join the MAG Bard and Minstrel to deliver an illustrated book to all MAG holders: the MAGverse will live forever in the Cronos blockchain!

An NFT-funding brewery

The completion of our roadmap won't represent a final step but the beginning of a never-seen entity: the first beer firm born and raised from an NFT collection and based on a beer eCommerce that also accepts crypto payments.

NFT holders will have exclusive benefits and economic advantages: profit-sharing (through a staking mechanism), discounts, beer giveaways are only some of the suggestions for attaching a digital asset to real and shared happiness.

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