Noodles Club

Noodles Club is a PFP collection of 8,888 NFTs stored on the Cronos Chain that comes with an ever-developing set of utilities. Only the real Noodles lovers will enjoy this spicy journey.

Noodles Club
Noodles Club

Noodles Club


The Noodles Club NFT Collection is only the beginning of the creation of a project that will bring continuous updates and innovations within the ecosystem.

This PFP Collection consists of 8,888 unique NFTs stored on the Cronos Chain. Each NFT has been generated from the almost 200 different traits that our artists have designed. In the future you will be able to customize your NFT by giving it a name, a date of birth and other attributes like your favourite food.

Each NFT comes with a set of utilities that will always increase during time. We really want to make this project a lifetime one, so we will always put our investors' opinion first. To do so, every Noodles Club holder will have the power to vote for the decisions concerning the project. This is just one of the various utilities, in fact, by obtaining one of this NFT, you will join an ecosystem that will bring:

> Exclusive access to Guides, Alphas and Solidity Learning Camp

> Staking & $RAMEN launch (that you will be able to spend on our marketplace or to sell)

> Seasonal Rewards (that will increase the utilities of your NFT)

> Noodles Club Marketplace (to spend your $RAMEN by buying WL, discounted NFTs, 1/1 Custom PFP, customization for your NFT and much more)

> Exclusive Real Life House & Restaurant

> NFT Trading Platform (to safely trade NFTs)

Choose your perfect Noodles Bowl and start your journey now!

10% of minting fees and 5% of secondary sales fees distributed to holders