Reckless Robots Legends

Reckless Robots Legends is a collection of 3000 hand-drawn NFTs deployed on the Cronos Chain. The collection consists of three (3) main Classes starring the Commander, The Void and The Beast. These three will be put to a test as they battle it out to become true Legends of Cronos

Reckless Robots Legends
Reckless Robots NFT

Reckless Robots Legends

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Reckless Robots NFT launched the GEN1 collection in February 2022. The collection was sold out in less than 6 hours. We are now proud to introduce the Gen2 collection Reckless Robots Legends.

Legends is a collection of 3000 unique NFTs consisting of 3 main classes; The Commander, the Void and the Beast. Each of the main classes come with more than 70 traits in up to 7 main categories.

Holders will be able to battle out their NFTs to gain the Legend form. In the process the losing robot will be destroyed (Burned). Burns decrease the total supply thus making collection NFTs more rare. At the same time Legends will get perks such as better rewards and ability to manipulate the traits given in the transformation.

Reckless Robots Legends collection NFTs can be operated through the Reckless Command Center DApp. The DApp will contain possibilities for voting, holder and project statistics and the transfer of NFTs.