Ryoshi Tales is a mobile resource management game, playable on Android and iOS, best played on a tablet device!

With a chibi/cartoon aesthetic, users get to build a Japanese civilization from its inception.

Players get to see their civilization evolve all the way from the prehistoric age to future eras while producing, trading, and battling against other players.

Ryoshi Tales boasts a large variety of tasks that can be undertaken based on resource gathering, building structures, and creating unique items and units.


Game Design

There are many characters that can be used throughout the game and, depending on their abilities, they can help in different areas and with different tasks. Also, users will be able to improve their characters’ stats in the different learning centers corresponding to each stat block.



The game takes place on Ebisu’s Islands. The evolution of the island is divided in AGES that, at the same time, are made up of several PERIODS.

In order to advance from one PERIOD to another, users need to meet certain building requisites and gather a certain amount of specific resources.



The design goal in Ryoshi Tales is to build a game experience that combines simplicity with depth and that can generate long-term loyalty in players.

The game and economy design will be a playable loop that contains two main instances: RESOURCE MANAGEMENT and COMBAT.

By integrating a competitive factor to the experience, the game promotes the players’ engagement.

The combat stage in Ryoshi Tales is a medium term goal within the experience: players will be able to form an army and train their respective units.

The design of units, their appearance, equipment, and armaments constitute a new axis for monetization: skins, items, boosters, and unique objects that make up combat units.


About the Token

The KOI token was created to promote Ryoshi Tales’ native economy. It will use Cronos’ blockchain.

pie chart

Limited supply

Deflationary behavior

Each time tokens are used to buy assets in game, they get burned.

KOI token has real utility within the Ryoshi Tales metaverse

KOI can be combined with in-game assets for Staking APRs, which will offer our community a way to accumulate additional $KOI.

We are happy to announce our good friends at Mad Meerkat Finance are hosting a launchpad for people to purchase KOI tokens.

The launchpad release will take place on October 25th at 4 AM UTC, lasting 24 hours, so make sure to mark your calendars!

Want to know more?

Download the pitch deck here